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Sunday, July 31- Constance Arnold – PART 2 – Untapping Your Unlimited Potential

July 30, 2011

Join Constance as she shares PART 2 of Untapping Your Unlimited Potential.  Constance will share 10 new principles of living a successful, abundant and purposeful live.  Tune is as she shares:  (1) surrounding yourself with successful people; Acknowledging your positive past; Face what is not working; Embrace Change; Watch your Inner voice; Getting Rid of Worry, Learn more…Earn more; Just Say NO – Setting Boundaries; Hire a Coach; Go and inquire within; and God has a Plan for your Life


Sunday, July 24 – Constance Arnold – Part 1 – Untapping Your Unlimited Potential From Within

July 23, 2011

Join Constance as she teaches on ‘UNTAPPING YOUR UNLIMITED POTENTIAL FROM WITHIN”.  Constance will be sharing about the 11 principles that you can begin to utilize to untapped your gifts, talents and abilities that have been lying dormant on the inside of you and begin the process of creating the life of your dreams before the year end.  Constance is a licensed psycho-therapist for 25 years, author and certified dream coach.

Sunday July 17 – Guy Finley, Author – The Courage to Be Free – Discover Your Original Fearless Self

July 15, 2011

Guy Finley – Author – The Courage to Be Free – Discover Your Original Fearless Self.  Guy is also the Best Selling Author of “The Secret Of Letting Go.  Tune is as Guy shares how to rid your life of  limiting false beliefs,  self-doubt, be free from your past, and live a life that is strong, wise, perfectly unique and purposeful.  Learn how to see the good when things are bad and how to understand the secret of letting go.

Sunday – July 10 – Mr. Berny Dorhmann – Author, Multi-millionaire, Founder CEO Space, Inc.

July 8, 2011

Berny Dorhmann is an author, mult-millionaire, and founder of CEO Space International.  He is known as a coach to coaches.  He coaches Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor , Anthony Robbins and is currently advising many nations about how to deal with the current economic shift.  Tune in as Berny shares about how to become an  Entrepreneur and will share insight into the areas of business and creating wealth   Berny will also share about the role of God in business.   For many years Berny was CEO of a billion dollar company which operated in 14 countries.  He is a spiritual man called to help people become successful in business.


July 3 – Stephen Edwards – Author – Quantum Wealth

July 1, 2011

Stephen Edwards is the Author of Quantum Wealth.  Stephen has worked with Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki spreading the principles of how to create wealth from the inside out.  Stephen will share timeless principles of attractng more wealth into your life and will share specific tools to begin the wealth creation.  www.