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Sunday, October 2 – Jackie Lapin, Author – Practical Conscious Creation

September 30, 2011

Jackie Lapin will sharing how her new book anchors the Law of Attraction and conscious manifesting techniques, tools and practices into everyday life. Practical Conscious Creation provides a methodology for reenergizing and reempowering your daily experiences, making them the engine for the change.

you intend.


Sunday, September 25 – Constance Arnold – Healing your Past and Getting the Love that you Deserve and Desire

September 24, 2011

Join Constance as she shares her 25 years experience as a licensed therapist in the area of healing your past and getting the love that you desire.  Constance will share how to heal from a wounded past, and identify the behavior patterns of a dysfunctional family and it’s role in our choices in relationships.  If you are single, you will learn how to attract the love that you desire, and if you are married or in a committed relationship – you will learn how to increase the intimacy and love in your relationship.  Constance has coached, coached and trained over 10,000 clients during her career.

Sunday, September 18 – Rasheid Edwards, Author –

September 17, 2011

Rasheid Edwards is the Author of The Secret Commitment:  7 keys to goal achievement and transformation.  Tune in and learn The power of VISION and its’ role in manifestation, How your BELIEFS either limit or expand your life, How to discover your PURPOSE and tap into why God created you, The pursuit of PASSION – Understanding that passion is the fuel that accelerates your dreams. and the importance of ACTION and  faith without works is dead!


The role of FOCUS in your life and how to become single-minded in your intentions.

The acceleration power of REPITITION.

Sunday, September 11 – Mary Ann Robbat – Author, Engaging Your Power -You Can Have the Life You Want

September 10, 2011

Mary Ann Robbat is an Author, Coach, Healer, Shaman and Founder of Robbat Center for Advancement of Energy Healing.  Tune in and you will learn about the 3-system triad for manifestation, how to work with your 3 energy fields, identify your beliefs – how they are formed and how to change them, how to identify and articulate exactly what you desire, and how to practice sending out requests to the universe so you can get what you really want in life.

Sunday – September 4 – Constance Arnold – LIVING AN UNLIMITED, ABUNDANT LIFE!

September 3, 2011

WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE BEFORE THE END OF YEAR?  Tune is as Constance will share principles that will radically change your life before the end of the year.  You will learn the following:  Taking a look at what has been distracting you, The power of Silence, Enlarging your Thoughts, Employing your Angels, healing your soul, making quality decision,  and learning how to Factor God into your Intentions.