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Sunday, November 27 – How Gratitude and Thanksgiving Brings Abundance and Prosperity Into your Life

November 26, 2011

Join Constance as she shares about how Gratitude and Thanksgiving produces abundance in all areas of your Life.  Learn 10 Prosperity/Abundance Affirmations that will produce more prosperity in you life over the next 40 days.  Gain a clear understanding of how the Law of Gratitude multiplies and manifests your heart’s desires.


Sunday, November 20 – DeCarlo Eskridge, Author – Jesus and the Law of Attraction

November 19, 2011

DeCarlo Eskridge ia an author, spiritual life-coach/trainer,  and minister.  Tune in as DeCarlo shares (1) The Law of Attraction and Jesus (2) What is the God Gene (3) The Difference between visualization and imagination (4) How can we ensure our prayers are answered and (5) Why do most people find the spiritual life (Law of Attraction) so difficult?

Sunday, November 13 – David Stanley (Elvis Presley’s Step Brother) – How to Live an Authentic Life

November 12, 2011

David Stanley, Author, “Conversations With The King” is Elvis Presley’s step brother and will be sharing wisdom he learned from Elvis about spirituality and how to live an authentic and purposeful life.  Tune is as David chronicles the spiritual journey he took during his years with Elvis and addresses perhaps today’s biggest spiritual challenge

Sunday, November 6 – Living Your Best Life By the Spirit By Living the Life of Your DREAMS

November 5, 2011

Constance will share about the 6 stages of a dream and universal principles such as desire, passion, vision and faith that will help to accelerate your dreams.  Tune is as Constance shares about how to deal with the dream killers such as (1) lack of money (2) how to deal with obstacles/problems that kill your dreams and  (3) learning how deal with your doubter and fears.  Additionally you will learn how to Factor in God as the great dream giver and mender of broken dreams.