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Sunday, February – A Golf Course in Miracles, Co-authors Charlotte McGinnis & Gene Bogart

February 24, 2012

Charlotte McGinnis & Gene Bogart – Co-authors of “A Golf Course in Miracles.”  The book is a metaphor for a Course in Miracles. Tune in and learn about universal principles which includes the power of image, releasing your past, discovering your purpose and forgiveness.  You will learn practical lessons and applications for every area of your life.  www.agolfcourseinmiracles.


Sunday February 19 – Beth Misner, Author – Jesus and the Secret (Where the Word of God and the Law of Attraction Intersect)

February 17, 2012

Beth Misner is the Author of Jesus and the Secret.  Tune in as Beth will be sharing about the Christian objections to the teachings of the Secret and the Law of Attraction, Breakthrough messages from the bible about the Law of Attraction, Ask, Believe and Receive – How the bible and Law of Attraction merge and The frequency of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday, February 12 – Valentine Love – The 5 love languages, Understanding his needs – her needs in relationships – Getting and Maintaining the Love That you Deserve

February 11, 2012

Valentine Love – Understanding the 5 love langauges in relationships, how to identify and meet the 5 needs of men/women so that you can begin to create the love that you desire.  Constance will share her 25 years experience of marriage and family counseling.  Tune in and learn strategies for your marriage and relationships.

Sunday, February 5 – Call in Show – Ask Constance

February 4, 2012

CALL IN AND ASK CONSTANCE YOUR PERSONAL QUESTIONS  DURING THIS LIVE SHOW.  YOUR CALL IN NUMBER IS:  347-326-9837.   7:00 EST – 4:00 PST.  Constance has 25 years experience as a Professional Counselor and has counseled/coached over 10,000 clients during her career.