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Sunday, April 29 – Dr. David Che, Author – The Total Law of Attraction (Unleash Your Secret Creative Power To Get What You Want)

April 28, 2012

Dr. David Che is the author of  TOTAL LAW OF ATTRACTION as a practical guidebook so that others can use it to achieve success and obtain what they desire the most in life.  Dr. Che will sharing on Quantum Physics, How the conscious and subconscious minds work, The importance of Believing, The Law of Detachment, Taking Action At the Right time and Putting it All Together Into a practical Method of Manifestation.



Sunday, April 22 – Ann Spangler, Author – “WHEN YOU NEED A MIRACLE” (Angels and Miracles )

April 19, 2012

Ann Spangler is a Best Seller Author and is returning to share about her book “WHEN YOU NEED A MIRACLE).  When life is challenging, all of us  can benefit from a daily dose of hope and faith.  Ann will share stories of miracles and angels drawn directly from Scripture and from the lives of ordinary people today.   Tune in and and learn how to bring more miracles and angels into your everyday life.  You will be reminded that God is in control and that he still loves you.

Sunday – April 15 – Anita Moorjani – Dying To Be Me (Journey from Cancer, To Near Death, To Healing

April 13, 2012

Anita MoorJani (New York Times Best Seller) will be sharing her experience in her Near Death Experience.  Anita will be sharing the powerful spiritual lessons that she learned.  Anita is the protege of Dr. Wayne Dyer and has appeared on many PBS Specials.

Sunday, April 7 – Six Characteristics (Mindset) of Successful People

April 7, 2012

Join Constance as she shares about the Six Characteristics (Mindset) of successful People.  How do successful people think?  You will learn the principles  of (1) Focusing in on what you have left (2) Telling a different story (3) Mistakes and Failures are my Teachers (4) It’s all about action (5) Radical Forgiveness (6) Surrounding Yourself with Successful People.