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Sunday, July 15 – Mal Duane – Author, Alpha Chick – Five Steps From Moving From Pain to Power

July 13, 2012

Mal Duane is the Author of Alpha Chick – Five Steps From Moving From Pain to Power.  Tune in and learn how to become a powerful woman.  Learn about focus, Acceptance and Attitude, Identification and Intention, The Power of your Thoughts and Healing and Helping.  Mal shares her recovery from 20 years of acoholism and how she created and became a multi-millionaire in real estate and is now living an awesome life.  Additionally Mal shares principles of attracting love into your life and how to use the law of attraction to produce the results that you desire


Sunday, July 8 – The Book of Being – Effortless Reality Creating With or Without The Law of Attraction

July 6, 2012

Join Trevor Emdon, Author of The Book of Being.  Tune in as he shares about the power of self belief and Certainty, effortless creating with the Law of Attraction, and the magic Formula – BE, DO and HAVE.  Also learn why people resist change and the awesome power that we have as human beings to create a powerful life.  Tune in and gain an understanding about of The Power of Changing Your Mind, and how to create from your BEING in the areas of relationships, health and wealth.