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Sunday – March 31 – Andrea Infante – The Law of Attraction – Your Divine Birthright

March 29, 2013

Andrea prof1Andrea Infante – Author, The Divine Source Within will be sharing about the 7 steps to manifestation, the law of vibration, how to experience bliss and happiness and how to consciously create your desires and manifest the life of your dreams. (


Sunday – March 24 – Sonia Choquette – Six Sensory Living

March 22, 2013

SoniaChoquette1Join Constance as she interviews New York Times Best Selling Author – Sonia Choquette. Tune in as Sonia shares how to live a liberated life which will make you free from the limitations that come from falsely perceiving the world with
only five senses. You will learn how to move into the exhilarating, creative,
authentic, transformative, and personally empowered realm of dynamic six-sensory
TM spirited living. Sonia has authored 18 books.

March 17 – DeCarlo Eskridge – Your Success is Guaranteed

March 16, 2013

Color DeCarlo Headshot

 Join Constance as she shares with DeCarlo Eskridge ( –   How To Guarantee Your Success.  DeCarlo is an Author, New Thought Minister and Spiritual Life Coach.  DeCarlo will be sharing specific principles about failure and success are a two sided coin, the divine secret to overcoming the fear of failure, the power of faith, how to change the manifestation or outflow of your life, how to redefine failure, the power of your words in your success and how to begin a more successful life.

Sunday March 10 – Bruce Muzik – Creating Lasting Relationships

March 9, 2013

Bruce Muzik02Bruce Muzik ( is a coach, an acclaimed writer, and international seminar leader. He will be sharing about how to save your relationship and reconnect with your partner. You will learn how to heal the past, feel deeply
understood, end painful conflict, feel fully understood, Get your needs met, how
to fight fair, develop emotional intimacy and how relationships are the greatest
training ground for growth.

Sunday – March 3 – Jaden Smith – Secrets of True Success

March 2, 2013

JSterlingpicJaden Sterling (www.jadensterling) is the author of the author of The Alchemy of True Success. Jaden was wealthy by the time he was 26 years of old, but today will share secrets of True Success. Jaden will share about creating wealth from the inside, the power of serving, the relationship between Spirit and Prosperity, and how to activate the power of your mind.