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Sunday – September 29 – Success Clues – Constance Arnold

September 27, 2013

DSC_6912-emailJoin Constance as she shares 5 success clues that you can implement into your life to manifest more success.  Constance will share (1) Speak faith into your future (2) Redefine, embrace and use failure to move forwards (3) Accept the Grace of God for living each day (4) It’s never too late to live your dream and (5) Your Self Talk creates your Reality.  This is powerful information that will radically change your life.


Sunday, September 22 – Trevor Blake, Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life

September 19, 2013

Photograph: Jed ShareTrevor Blake’s book – Three Simple Steps is the winner of the 2013 small business book awards.  Trevor started his first company with a few thousand dollars and sold it for more than $100 million and then within 5 years made another $100 million.  Trevor will show you how to take back control of your destiny and reshape your mind for increased creativity, serenity, and achievement.

Sunday, September 15 – Derek Mills, The 10 Second Philosophy

September 11, 2013

Mills, Derek HeadshotDerek Mills is the author of The 10 Second Philosophy – A Practical Guide to Releasing your Inner Genius.  Derek will share universal principles of how he went from 18 years of struggle to becoming a multi-millionaire.  You will learn how to begin living life from your True Self and how to use standards in your life instead of goals.

Sunday, September 8 – Tim Hoehn, Author – The Law of Attraction How It Really Works.

September 6, 2013

timJoin Constance as she interviews Tim Hoehn and he shares principles of how to set sail on the adventure of your life and become the captain of your destiny.  You will learn is the Law of Attraction Fact or fiction, How does the Law of Attraction really work, How to create proper thoughts for the Law of Attraction, how to deal with obstacles in your way and how to prepare for the Harvest using the Law of Attraction.