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Sunday – October 27 – Constance Arnold – How to have a Breakthrough Mentality

October 25, 2013

DSC_6912-emailJoin Constance as she teaches on how to have a breakthrough mentality.  Are you feeling stuck?  Would you like to learn how to implement proven universal principles into your life immediately?  Constance will be sharing 5 principles that you can begin to use now to change your life.  (1 The breakthrough Shift from God (2) Thoughts become matter (3) Give Until they can’t live without it (4) There is profit in Stillness – Succeeding through stillness and (5) Faith Extenders.


Sunday October 20 – Susan Young – HOW TO ALLOW

October 18, 2013

fbJoin Constance as she interviews Author, Susan Young.  How to Allow – Working with the Law of Attraction to allow Your Natural Well-Being.  A simple system for Creating the Life you Want.  You will gain a clear understanding of the concept of allowing, the power of vibration and thought, how to make peace where you are and practical steps to creating the life of your dreams.

Sunday – October 13 – Brett Jarman – Build a Business With Purpose (SOUL OPERATOR)

October 11, 2013

Brett_Jarman-LBrett Jarman, Author, Soul Operator – How to Be Your Own Boss and Build a Business With Purpose.  Tune in and learn the difference between a sole operator and a soul operator, how to be successful in your own business, how to get clear vision for your business, how your belief systems impact your business and how to build a business with purpose.


Sunday – October 6 – Brain Change Therapy Dr. Carol Kershaw and Dr. William Wade

October 2, 2013

brainJoin Constance as she interviews Drs. Kershaw and Wade as they share the fundamentals of Brain Change Therapy.  Learn how to change your state, how to implement  brain change techniques, how to resolve fears, increase success and your business, how to lose weight and become thinner and healthier.  You will learn new, cutting edge techniques where you can develop the mental tools to deal with negative internal and external influences and achieve a healthy, productive mindset.