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Sunday – December 1 – Transform Your Life (25 ways)

November 30, 2013

DSC_6912-emailJoin Constance as she shares 25 ways to transform your life during the last 30 days of this year.  You will learn 25 different principles that you can implement into your life before the end of the year.  You will also learn about the power of taking small, consistent steps that become the fundamental building block for your dreams and intentions.


Sunday, November 24 – Rasheid Edwards – The Magic of the Mind and The Law of Attraction

November 23, 2013

rasiedJoin Constance and Rasheid Edwards as they share about The Magic of the Mind and LOA.  You will learn about the role your mind plays with LOA, the role of energy and gratitude with the Law of Attraction, the main components to assess and fulfill LOA and how to use your mind to make the LOA seem magical.  (

Sunday, November 17 – DeCarlo Eskridge – Ultimate Success Mastery Course

November 16, 2013

Color DeCarlo HeadshotDeCarlo Eskridge is an author, certified life coach and ordained minister.  He will be sharing about THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS MASTERY COURSE.  You will learn 5steps to changing a habit, 4 steps to getting what you want, how to create miracles in your life, the role that affirmations and visualization play in changing habits and the role of God in making lasting change in your life.

Sunday – November 10 – Dianne Collins – Quantum Thinking

November 8, 2013

diannecJoin Constance as she interviews Dianne Collins, Author of Quantum Think – New Thinking that will ROCK your world.   Dianne will be sharing (1) Basic principles of Quantum Thinking and how it relates to manifesting your dream life (2) The Observer Reality – Living in the world of your own realities (3) How to live in a world of infitine possibilities and how quantum thinking affects your wealth, healthy and relationships.  You will learn a new system of thinking for mastering effectiveness in a changing world  ( .

Sunday, November 3 – Jaden Sterling – Wealth Purpose Coaching

November 1, 2013

JSterlingpicJaden Sterling is the best selling author of The Alchemy of True Success and is a leader in the New Thought field of the Law of Attraction and Manifesting.  Jaden developed a multi-millionaire dollar real estate portfolio and will be sharing from his own personal experiences that led him to the top 1% of income earners in the United States.  Jaden will be sharing principles of wealth manifestation and the power of Wealth Purpose Coaching.