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Sunday – December 29 – New Year Mindset for 2014

December 28, 2013

DSC_6912-emailJoin Constance as she shares principles that will help you create a New mindset for 2014.  She will be sharing the following principles (1) Change one thing and everything changes (2) Begin with the End in mind (3) The Law of Conffession over the goals (4) Meditating your goals (5) Leaving your Comfort zone (6) Examing your Beliefs around your goals (7) Developing an accountability partner or team (8) Build a reward system and (9) Factoring God into your goals.


Sunday, December 22 – Don McCarty – Train Your Brain for Success with Spiritual Technology

December 21, 2013

spiritDon McCarty will be sharing about brain entrainment and how to use spiritual technology to aid in becoming successful. You will gain an understanding of the stages of relaxation, how to use spiritual technology with affirmations, visualization, meditation and manifest overall improved in your wealth and health.

Sunday – December 15 – Greg Kuhn – How to manifest the Big Stuff in Your Life

December 14, 2013

Greg HeadshotGreg Kuhn is a best selling author and is known as the Law of Attraction Science Guy.  Greg will be sharing specifics about how to manifest your ‘BIG DESIRES AND BIG DREAMS.”  Greg will be sharing about simple qunatum physics, how your beliefs create your reality, the differences between quantum physics and positive affirmations and the best game plan to fuel and manifest your grandest desires.  To visit Greg’s website –

Sunday – December 8 – Ronald Cooper – How to Win in Life (Success Keys)

December 6, 2013

Ronald's bookJoin Constances as she interviews Ronald Cooper, Author – How to Win in Life in a Greater Way (Success Keys).  Ronald will share the keys of targeted thought, clear imagination, absolute belief and specific expectation.  You will also learn about how to recalibrate your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and behavior and learn keys to experiencing a higher level of success, regardless of your circumstances.