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Sunday – January 26 – Dr. Deana Murphy – Designing Your Life

January 25, 2014

DSC_1849 Dr. Deana MurphyJoin Constance as she shares with Dr. Deana Murphy, Author in the area of Life Design.  Dr. Deana has been featured in  O Magazine and is a former host on HGTV.  You will learn specific and practical tools for re-designing your live from the inside out.  Dr. Deana uses her experience as an Interior Decorator to symbolically demonstrate how to redesign and re-invent your life.




Sunday – January 19 – Love Connections – men vs. women in romantic relationships

January 18, 2014

IMG_3700Join Constance as she and Jeremiah LeBlanc share the differences between men and women in relationships.  You will learn why the power of respect for a man is sovital  and how a woman’s basic need is LOVE.  Additionaly, you will learn other psychological and emotional needs of men and women.  You will gain an understanding of how to bring more love and passion back into your relationship, how to understand, accept and support your partner and how to bring the balance of the feminine and masculine energy.

Sunday, January 12 – Suzanne Glover – How To Become a Money Magnet

January 11, 2014

suzanne-gloverJoin Consance as she interviews Suzanne Glover, Author – Effective Positive Thinking E-Program.  Learn how to overcome negative thinking and become a money magnet.  You  will learn how to move beyond your current reality, how to move beyond self-doubt towards change, and specific steps to begin manifesting abundance.

Sunday – January 5 – Attracting Genuine Love (Part 1)

January 3, 2014

DSC_6912-emailJoin Constance as she shares Part 1 of How to Attract Love into your life in 2014   She will share how to identify those core beliefs and codependent patterns of attracting unhealthy relationships.  You will learn how dysfunctional family systems have impacted your choices in manifesting healthy relationships.  You will awaken to the fact that you have the Power of Manifest Love.