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April 25 – Jim Phillips – The Key To Life – Living In Full Expression

April 26, 2014

Merged_PicJoin Constance as she interviews Jim Phillips, Author of The Key To Life – Living in Full Expression.  You will learn how to live your life in full expression, how to have a more enriched life, how to create your life with Intention, understanding the power of your magnificence, the power of belief and how to move from being a victim to a benefactor.



Sunday April 20 – Hope for Your Wildest Dreams

April 18, 2014

DSC_6912-emailConstance will be sharing 10 principles of how to increase hope for your wildest dreams.  You will learn how to gt rid of the hope killers in your life, how to not allow roadblocks to halt your journey, how to use pain as a teacher and transform your life, how to implement small rituals to create small glimmers of hope and how to ask for the help that you need to move from hopelessess to hopeful.









Sunday April 13 – Jonathan Robinson – Find Happiness Now

April 9, 2014

find_happiness_now-3Jonathan Robinson is the author of Find happiness Now – 50 shortcuts for bringing more love, balance and Joy into your life.  The number one factor that leads to more money, health and love is happiness.  Happy and highly fulfilled people make approximately $750.000  more over the course of their lives.  They also live nine years longer and are more likely to find lasting love.  Tune in and learn 50 principles that will radically change your life.


Sunday March 6 – Simran Singh – Conversations With God

April 5, 2014

sm_simran_singh_wuJoin Constance with her special Guest – Simran Singh – Author, Speaker and Visionary.  Simran will be sharing about conversations with the Universe, soulful reinvention, letting go and living, how to receive signs from God, and how to create and live a life of purposefulness and meaning.