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Sunday June 29 – The Laws of Prosperity

June 27, 2014

DSC_6912-emailJoin Constance as she shares about the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.  You will learn how to bring more MONEY into your life.  (1) the Vacuum Law of Prosperity, (2) The Circulation Law – Tithing, (3) The Prosperity Law of Command (4) WORK – A powerful Channel for Prosperity (5) Prosperous Attitude Towards Money (5) The Law of  Reciprocity (6) The Power of Gratitude in Prosperity (7) The Law of Thinking.


Sunday June 22 – Jeff Gignac – Super Mind Science

June 20, 2014

JeffreyGignac2Jeff Gignac is an Author and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has created 100 acclaimed meditation and brainwaave programs.  Tune in and  learn 7 steps of Divine Order Manifestation, 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you manifest anything, understanding the difference between brain wave entrainment and brain wave stimulation and how brain stimulation affects your imagination, focus and creativity.


Sunday, June 15 – Richard Davis – Faith, Angels and Healing

June 13, 2014

Pastor Richard DavisRichard Davvis is an Author and has been a Pastor for 44 years. He is currently the Pastor of Cove Bible Advance Ministries in Conyers, Georgia.   He will be sharing about The Law of Faith, Divine Order Attracts Divine Power, the purpose of Angels, and a story of the divine healing of his wife.  Tune in to hear what the Word of God is for this now time in your life.  He is the author of Divine Order Attracts Divine Power, Sowing By the spirit and Trusting God Through the Changes.  Pastor Davis can be reached at 678-292-6632 –


June 8 – Shelley Chapman – Weight Loss & Food Therapy

June 7, 2014

shelleyShelley Chapman is a Food and Body Therapist at Body Food Freedom.  She is a Harvard graduate with a Masters Degree in Human Development Psychology.  She will be sharing about her own journey of releasing 57 pounds and healing her battle with compulsive-overeating disorder.  Shelley will be sharing principles of inner emotional healing and how to move from struggle to waist and weight management.