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August 30 – Depression and The Law of Attraction

August 29, 2014


Join Constance as she shares her 25 years of clinical counseling expertise in the area of depression.  She will give you an in-depth understanding of depression and how you can begin to use the Law of Attraction to shift your thinking, mood and feelings.  You will also learn ACTION STEPS that you can take today including nutrition, exercise, how to command healing into your body and invite the Grace of God.


August 24 – Kirk D. Scott – Mind Your Business: Live On Purpose

August 22, 2014


Join Constance and her special Guest Kirk D. Scott, Professional Speaker, Seminar Leader, Life Coach and Author – Mind Your Business:  Live  on Purpose.  Tune in and learn how to overcome your mental and emotional barriers that have been preventing you from living your best life.




Sunday, August 17 – Dr. Will Moreland – CopyCat Millionaire

August 15, 2014



Dr. Will Moreland is an Author, speaker, trainer and Consultant.  He is America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer and has authored 30 books.  He will be sharing about his new book – CopyCat Millionaire.  The 21 laws to becoming a Millionaire.  Some of the Laws that will be shared are:  Serve, Strategic Partnerships, Mindset Mastery, Create Success Systems, Leverage Your Strengths, Time Ownership and Risk and Reward.



Sunday – August 10 – Bounce Back From Disappointment

August 9, 2014

DSC_6912-emailTune in as Constance shares 8 steps for bouncing back from disappointment and how to turn a setback into a setup.   You will learn how to acknowledge and accept what your new reality is, Find the value in the setback, How to get the support that you need from friends, family and like minded people, Accept that it is not always personal, how to find opportunity in your adversity. How to refocuse and redefine your new life, and the role of God, Faith and Belief in changing your paradigms.


Sunday August 3 – Peter Adams Answers Your Questions

August 2, 2014

pete_3Join Constance and her special guest – Peter Adams – Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist as he answers your questions from all over the world.  Pete will share with you specific and detailed answers about your personal life and show your how to ask, believe and receive.  Pete also has a special offer for all listeners during the show.