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Sunday November 2 – Gina Rizzo – Creating Amazing Abundance How Good Things Come to You

October 31, 2014

imageJoin Constance and her guest Gina Rizzo, Author – Creating Amazing Abundance How Good Things Come to you.  Gina will define the definition of abundance, what causes people to become stuck in the area of manifesting abundance, the role of self-worth and manifesting abundance, and two practices that can begin to move your towards abundance NOW.



Sunday, October 26 – Dr. Michael Pearlman, MD – Law of Attraction Journaling

October 24, 2014

imageJoin Constance as she interviewss Dr. Michael Pearlman, MD as he shares about Law of attraction Journaling – Your 4-Step Roadmap to Create the Change you Want in Your Life.  You will learn the spiritual components of the Law of Attraction, the 4-step process to Law of Attraction journaling, how to use journaling to manifest wealth and love and the importance of discerning the heart’s desire vs. the ego’s desire.


Sunday, October 19 – Dr. Torri Griffin, LPC – Agreement in Spirit, Soul and Body To Boost Manifestation

October 16, 2014


Join Constance and her guest Dr. Torri Griffin as she shares how to use Congruence in Your Spirit, Soul and Body to Boost your Manifestation Power.  Dr. Griffin will share why some people are successful  and why some sruggle, 4 principles to boost your manifestations, the role of TV and media in your manifestation, how your relationships impact your manifestations, and  how congruence  unveils your purpose.

October 12 – Tony Edgell – 90-Days o Purpose, Power and The Hero you were Meant To Be

October 10, 2014


Join Constance as she shares with  Tony Edgell, Author – The Hero Inside You.  You will learn 5 ways to find your purpose, passion and meaning in Life.  You will learn the power of your thoughts you inherited in Life, how to change beliefs, habits and your Comfort zone, how to escape the grind of working for a paycheck, how to live life on your terms and how to listen and follow your heart and find peace.

October 5 – Allison Phillips – How Spiritual Entrepreneurs Attract Abundance With East

October 2, 2014


Allison Phillips is an Author, Business Coach and Spiritual Entrepreneur.  She has been featured on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and The Wall Street Journal.  She will be sharing about awakened marketing, how to fling the gates of abundance wide open, why taking action is the last step in marketing, and what the goals and marketing principles are for spiritual entrepreneurs.