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December 28 – Setting Intentions that Create Extraordinary Manifestations in 2015

December 27, 2014


Join Constance as she shares specific strategies for defining your goals and intentions for 2015.  You will learn how to become clear about your top 3 intentions and how to define what you desire to experience in 2015.  Additionally, you will gain an understanding of 40 universal principles that will equip and empower you to manifest an extraordinary life in 2015.


December 21 – Derek Rydell – EMERGENCE – Seven Steps for Radical Life Change

December 20, 2014


Derek Rydell is an Author, Coach and New Thought Leader.  He will be sharing about his new book EMERGENCE – Seven Steps for Radical Life Change.  You will learn how to (1) See the Complete Vision. (2) Cultivate Congruent Conditions (3) Create The Quantum Plan (4) Give What Appears Missing (5) Act “as if” you are it (6) Embrace What Appears Broken and (7) Wait on The Law –

December 14 – Richard R. Harper – Prosperity Consciousness

December 13, 2014


Richard Harper is back with Part 2 from his book Consciously Wealthy,  You will gain a clear understanding of prosperity consciousness, the power of I AM affirmations and your words, Prophetic Intelligence and the power of Love consciousness.

December 7- Richard R. Harper – Consciously Wealthy

December 6, 2014


Richard Harper is the author of Consciously Wealthy – Developing a Rich Mind to make Power Moves.  You will learn how to create success from the inside out, principles of creating wealth consciously, how to have portals of an open heaven, I am affirmations and expanding your Christ connection.