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April 26 – Minista Jazz – Turning your Test into a Testimony

April 24, 2015


Join Constance as she interviews Minista Jazz as they share about how to turn your Test into a Testimony.  Minista Jazz is a thought leader for the next generation.  She has toured with Madonna and Miley Cyrus and was the winner of The Reality Show – The Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen Network.  She will be sharing universal principles that you can implement into your life and her new hypnotic affirmation recording.


April 19 – Dr. Joe Vitale – The Secret – Best Selling Author and Musician

April 16, 2015


Dr. Joe Vitale is the best-selling author of numerous books from The Attractor Factor, Attract Money Now and many more.  He was a standout star for the hit Movie “The Secret” and is an international celebrity.  You will learn about how to attract money now, the missing ingredient for manifestation, steps to take during difficult times, how to receive downloads and manifest money, spirituality and hear his music from his best selling albums.

Harry W. Carpenter – Your Subconscious Mind – How It Works and How to Use It

April 11, 2015


Harry Carpenter Is the Author of The Genie Within.   He has taught and studied the Subconscious Mind for 60 years.   You will understand how the subconscious works, what the subconscious can do for you, how the subconscious affects your health, creativity and success.  You will also gain an understanding of the the difference between the conscious and subconsious.  Harry will share simple methods for you to reprogram your subconscious.

April 5 – Dr. Brian K. Graham – THINK, BELLIEVE, RECEIVE (Three Steps to Creating an Amazing Life)

April 4, 2015


Dr. Brian K. Graham is the author of Think, Believe and Receive (Three Steps to an Amazing Life) and It’s All About You (The Involved Observer.)  You will Learn how to live in the power of your now, having a clear picture of what you want, how to align your expectations to reflect the belief of the unlimited good of God, how to understand that it is all about you when it comes to creating your reality and how to begin observing your behavior and then shifting and changing so that you can create your dreams.  You will also learn that The Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect is always working  and creates what you truly believe.