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June 28 – Leigh Hickombottom – Weight, Fitness, Discipline and Spirituality

June 26, 2015


Leigh Hickombottom – Author, Fitness Model, and Spiritual Teacher will be sharing about Weight Loss, the power of Discipline, Visualization and your Ideal Body Image, the power of loving and believing in yourself, the role of meditation and Inner Realization and Spirituality.  Leigh has appeared on magazines such as Oxygen and Muscle & Fitness Hers.


June 21 – Rearrange Your Mind

June 20, 2015


Tune in and learn the power of rearranging your mind.  You will learn that everything that currently exist in your outer world is because of your consciousness.  When your consciousness changes – your life experiences will change.  You will learn 3 principles and techniques that you can begin NOW to change your consciousness and begin creating the life of your dreams.

June 14 – Barbara J. Winter – Joyfully Jobless

June 13, 2015


Barbara J. Winter is a pioneering self-employment advocate, writer and teacher who has spent the last twenty-five years teaching people globally how Make a Living Without a Job.  Her book Making a:Living Without a Job, Winning Ways for Creating Work that You Love, has been featured in Forbes Magazine and recommended as one of the best coaching Books.  You will learn how to start a business without money, how to think big but start small, how to receive ideas, marketing on a shoestring, uncover your own assets, create profit centers and how to make the transition and create your own dream life.

June 7 – The Power of Your Beliefs

June 6, 2015


Tune in and listen about The Power of Your Beliefs.  You will learn how your beliefs program the outcome of your life, you core beliefs send out a vibrational frequency and it attracts like things to it.  All things are possible, but your belief is the variable that determines your manifestations.  Your self-worth and self concept creates your world.  You beliefs, experiences, expectations determine your probabilities.  Learn how to use your beliefs to drawn from the invisible world all that you desire.  You will learn how to reprogram the footprints of your parent’s DNA into positive beliefs.