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November 1 – Dr. Bruno Cignacco – How to Manifest Money Effortlessly

October 30, 2015


Dr. Bruno Cignacco has studied the Metaphysics for more than 17 years.  He will be sharing about specific techniques to be more prosperous.  You will learn about wrong and negative assumptions about money and how to create new positive connotations, How to use the Law of Attraction and vibration to attract money, the relationship between playfulness and a prosperous life, visualization and money, how to use affirmations effectively and the role of the subconscious in creating a prosperous life.


October 25 – Maura Sweeney – Living Happy – Inside

October 23, 2015


Maura Sweeney is the Author of Living Happy Inside Out.  Tune in and learn principles of how to create a happy, purposeful and abundant life from the inside – out.  You will learn universal principles that you can begin TODAY to implement into your life NOW.   Maura will share specific exercises that will teach you how to make dramatic shifts in your beliefs about happiness.

October 18 – Attracting, Allowing and Manifesting Love

October 17, 2015


Tune in as Constance shares about how to attract your soulmate and sustain your current relationship.  This show is for anyone who is currently in a relationship.  Constance will teach from her new book “attracting Genuine Love”.  You will learn how to identify and deal with old behavior patterns, how to position yourself to receive love, how to identify who you need to become to attract love, how to become clear about the kind of relationship your desire, how to use your words, thoughts and visualization to attract love and what action steps to take to bring more love into your life.

October 11 – Live Coaching With Constance

October 9, 2015


Join Constance as she takes calls from listeners and shares strategic principles and advice in all areas of their lives – including career, relationships, health, wealth and purpose.

October 4 – James E. Powers – Living a Transformed Life

October 3, 2015


James E. Power has been a Pastor, counselor, coach and Leadership Trainer for over 40 years.  Tune in and you will learn the stages of a transformed life, the potency and power of your thinking, the renewed mind and its’ approach to problems and crises, how to align your thoughts with your intentions, the power of imagining and your thinking and outcomes of a transformed mind and new patterns of thinking.