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December 27 – 2015 Highlights & Self Inventory

December 25, 2015


Join Constance as she shares some of the highlights from her guest in 2015.  You will be reminded of Universal principles and have the opportunity to observe and examine your own behavior and make a decision to shift and change in 2016.  It will be a self-inventory of your accomplishments and areas where you desire to change.  As usual, Constance shares the “How to’s of Change.”


December 20 – Jaden Sterling – You are Built to Prosper

December 15, 2015


Jaden Sterling is the author of The Alchemy of True Success.  Jaden reached the top 1% of income earners in the United States at the age of 26.  He will be sharing the following:  What you can do today to change your prosperity, Understanding the Money Meter, The New Economy and what will happen financially in 2016 and how to receive $1,000.00 in free gifts.

December 13 -Wealth Tips & Relationship Coaching

December 12, 2015


Join Constance and her guest Richard Harper, Author –  Consciously Wealthy.  They will share tips on creating abundance and wealth in your life.  Additionally, Constance will be coaching live in the area of Attracting Genuine Love.

December 6 – James E. Powers -Developing a Renewed Mind

December 5, 2015


Join Constance and her Mentor of 20 years as he shares insights and practical application of transformational thinking, living and being.    You will learn the importance of a renewed mind, portraits of a renewed mind,  the thinking process, the power of thoughts, the outcomes of a renewed mind and the relationship of a renewed mind and answered prayers.