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February 28 – James E. Powers – Pray, Believe, Receive

February 27, 2016


Join Constance and her Mentor of 20 years James E. Powers as he shares about how to Pray, Believe and Receive.   You will learn how to prepare to live the answers to your prayers before they manifest, what is prayer and how to we begin praying, the role of meditation and imagination, pray the solution and not the problem, the power of faith-filled words in prayer and how to make plans and decisions as if your prayers were already answered.


February 21 – Sharron Ragan – Branding Your Business with Purpose

February 19, 2016


Sharron Ragan is a Brand Marketing Specialist who has worked with top marketing companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM and many more.  Sharron helps entrepreneurs with an authentic brand image and align it with your true purpose and with your brand and business.   You will learn the difference between brand development and branding, how to use the branding process the same as big name companies and steps you can take to develop a good brand.

February 14 – Daily Rituals that Create Success

February 13, 2016


Join Constance as she shares about the Power of Daily rituals to create success in your life.   She shares about successful people including Oprah, Bill Gates and Richard Branson and the daily rituals that they have used to create a successful life.   She also shares 20 different rituals that you can begin to implement into your life.

February 7 – Shonte Taylor – Love Your Brain, Change Your World

February 6, 2016


Shonte Taylor is an Author, Neuroscientist and Success Coach.   She is an expert in the area of your Brain.   She specializes in how to optimize your brain, mind and potential.   You will learn 7 ways that you can show your brain LOVE and begin to shift and create a new life.   Shonte has also recorded a talk for Ted Talks which will be airing in the future.