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Gary D. Hines- SUCCESS – It’s is not about YOU!

June 29, 2016


Gary D. Hines is the Founder, Director and Producer of Sounds of Blackness – music that inspires and brings people together.   He is a  3-time grammy winner and for the past 40 years he has recorded, performed, toured, written for and appeared with: Prince, Stevie Wonder, Quincey Jones, Elton John, Michael Jackson,  Aretha Franklin and Sting just to name a few.   He will share  how to deal with rejection in business, the 4 P’s of success and how to maintain your vision during tough times.   He will also share about his new release – ROYALTY.


June 24, 2016


Join Constance and Peter Adams for her live call in show.  Listeners will be coached both live and from questions that have been emailed for this show.  Tune in and hear Universal principles that you can apply to your own life personally.

June 19 – Nick & Linda Martin – Ego & Spirit

June 18, 2016


Join Constance and her guests Dr. Nick Martin and Rev. Linda Martin as they share about the Ego and Spirit.   You will learn about ego energy and how to change your ego energy and awaken more spiritually.  Additionally the Martins will share how to become more conscious of the patterns in your life and how to heal your ego energy and begin manifesting the life of your dreams. and

June 12 – Steve Rodgers – Fear to Success

June 11, 2016

Steve Rodgers

Tune is as Constance interviews her special Guest Steve Rodgers.   Steve worked with Warren Buffett for 8 years and was CEO of a Real Estate Company generating 25 billion in annual sales.  Steve is a leader in helping others discover, maximize and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business.


June 5 – Pete D. Adams – The Science of Getting Rich

June 4, 2016


Join Constance and her guest, Pete Adams, Serial Entrepreneur and Author of VisualFestation System – How to Manifest The Life of Your Dreams.   Pete will be sharing from the Work of Wallace Wattles’ book the Science of Getting Rich which was written 100 years ago.   He will share the principles using today’s  modern concepts, ideas and practical applications.