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March 26 – Stephanie Dalfonzo – Holistic Approaches to Managing Stress so you can THRIVE

March 25, 2017

Stephanie Dalfonzo

Join Constance and her guest, Stephanie Dalfonzo (   Stephanie is a Speaker, Spiritual Healer and Coach.   She will share how you can move from anxiety, stress and fear and embrace freedom, peace and happiness.  You will learn strategies and techniques to manage stress, the difference between meditation and mindfulness and receive specific exercises to help you become happy, healthy and Thrive.  You will also receive a free gift from Stephanie – 4 Coping Skills for Stress & Anxiety FREE @



March 19 – Constance Answers Your Questions

March 17, 2017


Tune in and receive wisdom, knowledge and “how to’s” as Constance answers your personal questions from all over the globe.  She will answer questions in the areas of how to move on from a past relationship, how to attract a new career, the basic formula for The Law of Attraction and how to teach your child positive affirmations.   Additionally she will explain how you can attract large sums of money even if you are in the middle of a crises.    and the ONE most powerful thing that you can DO to begin attracting your dream life.


March 12 – Shonte Javon Taylor – The Neuroscience of Spirituality

March 11, 2017


Join Constance and her guest Shonte Javon Taylor ( who is a Neuroscientist and Success Trainer & Catalyst.   You will gain an understanding of the connection between your brain and Spirituality and how the two worlds merge and work together.  You will learn how spiritual universal practices such as mindfulness, belief in a higher power, prayer, meditation, visualization and affirmations impact your brain and brings manifestations into your world.   You will also hear some of the latest studies behind the brain and neuroscience.

March 5 – Dr. Joe Vitale – The Miracle

March 3, 2017


Dr. Joe Vitale is a best-selling Author and most notably was a standout star in The Secret.   He will share from his New Book – The Miracle – Six Steps to Enlightenment( When you purchase his new book you will receive over $6,000 in bonuses.   Dr. Vitale will share (1) The missing secret to manifestation (2) Beliefs and The Law of Attraction, (3) How to clear out old beliefs (4) The Role of The Reticular Activating System (5) Counterintention Clearing (7) Ho’oponopono and how to awaken to who you are and create miracles in your life.