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April 30 – Marc Miller – Career Pivot – Repurpose Your Career

April 29, 2017


Join Constance and her guest Mr. Marc Miller, Author – Repurpose Your Career – A Practical Guide for the 2nd Half of Your Life.  You will learn the steps for making a career pivot, how to get clarity about where you want to go and career mistakes.   Additionally, you will gain insight into how to ask for help, build your tribe, network strategically and get clear about your personal brand.



April 23 – Shana Ekedal – Finally – Eliminating Cravings for Weight Loss

April 22, 2017


Shana Ekedal ( is a Transformational  Nutrition Coach.   You will learn cutting edge methods that create a shift in health consciousness, how to cut your cravings, your relationship with food and how to release energetic ties to food.   Also, you will understand the role that your childhood has to do with your weight and how to heal and release unexpressed emotions.    You will gain insight into some general practices that will help you to awaken and begin releasing weight from the inside out.

April 16 – Write it, See it, Do it

April 14, 2017


Join Constance in her 2-Part Show.  First of all, you will experience Constance sharing strategies with a listener who volunteered to be coached live.     Secondly, Constance will share the 3 basics of manifestation – WRITE IT, SEE IT, DO IT.   You will learn about the Power of your Pen and how writing your goals is the 1st step to getting clear about your desires.  Secondly, you will learn about the power of keeping your goals before your eyes and how your imagination ACCELERATES your dreams.   Imagination keeps your dreams in the fore front of your thinking.  Lastly you will learn why successful people keep taking Action Steps even when it looks hopeless.   Don’t ever give up on your dreams.

April 9 – Greta Counts – The Power of You!

April 8, 2017

Greta Counts 150

Greta Counts is a Life Coach and Hay House Certified Licensed and Accredited Heal Your Life Teacher and Workshop Facilitator.   She will share powerful principles for creating the life of your dreams.  You will learn the difference between change and transformation, the process of change and the 3 steps to begin the transformational process.   Greta also shares a powerful personal testimony of how she has utilized this transformation process to create an extraordinary life.


April 2 – Leonard Perlmutter – Science of Yoga & Meditation

April 1, 2017

Leonard Perlmutter

Join Constance and her special guest Mr. Leonard Perimutter who is the Founder and Director of The American Meditation Institute.   He is the Author of The Heart and Science of Yoga.   For the past 39 years Leonard has conducted workshops globally to help people learn The empowering self-care-care program for a happy, healthy and joyful life.  He will share about the science behind yoga and meditation and the benefits of meditation.   You will learn how to The bridge of Yoga will lead you to your highest good.   Additionally you will learn how meditation is your Divine Physician.