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July 2 – Dr. Dennis Kimbro Answers Your Questions

June 29, 2017

dr. kimbro

Join Constance and her guest Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Author – Think and Grow Rich – A Black Choice and The Wealth Choice.   Dr. Kimbro will answer questions submitted by listeners all over the world in the areas of creating wealth, business, success and spirituality.   Tune in and receive the insight and strategies that will assist you in creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.  Dr. Kimbro is also a writing partner and trainer for the prestigious Napoleon Hill Foundation and a recipient of the Dale Carnegie personal Achievement award.


June 25 – Angels and Your Manifestations

June 22, 2017


Join Constance as she shares about the role of Angels in your life and how they assist you in manifesting your dreams and intentions.  This is a 3-part program where you will hear 2 listeners share their testimonies about how they manifested miraculous manifestations in their dream lives.   Lastly, Constance will share insight about Angels from a biblical perspective.  You will learn:  The role of Angels in your everyday life, examples in the Bible of Angels assisting in protection, guidance and manifestations.   Additionally you will gain insight into how to watch your words and command Angels, expect Angelic intervention and how to co-create with Angels in creating your goals, intentions and purpose.

June 18 – Nick Ruiz – Secrets of a Twice Self-Made Millionaire

June 17, 2017


Join Constance and her special Guest – Mr. Nick Ruiz – Is a Twice Self-Made Millionaire entrepreneur (  Nick created millions in his twenties but after the economic collapse of 2008, which led him to bankruptcy.  He soon rebuilt his wealth and will share from his new book – Success From Scratch – Mental Strategies for Success in a Survival of the Fittest Environment.   You will learn how to bounce back from a life setback, developing your key success mindset, the science of creating Success From Scratch and how to become a successful entrepreneur.   (

June 11 – Five Power Moves to Accelerate Your Dreams

June 9, 2017


Join Constance as she shares 5 Power Moves and Mindset changes that will accelerate and move you quickly to your intentions and goals.   You will learn Power Move 1: Identify and Heal Your unresolved Soul Issues (2) Power Move 2:  Winning the battle of your mind with powerful daily thoughts (3) Power Move 3 – Take the limits off of God and your life (4) Power Move 4 – Handling and Avoiding Distractions and (5) Power Move 5 – The Power of Surrender.   Constance will share specific how to’s to move you from where you are to the manifestation of your dreams.

June 4 – Simon T. Bailey – Brilliant Living

June 3, 2017

2010 professional on stool

Simon T. Bailey is a best selling author, a Hall of Fame speaker and the CEO of Simon T. Bailey International, Inc.   Simon will share about his new book  – Brilliant Living – 30 insights to creating an awesome life.   Some of the principles shared are:  dare to be brilliant, focus for success, learn how to bounce back, flip the script and create a new story and how to let kindness be your bottom line.   Simon also will share the power of declaring what you desire, celebrate the small things and how to occupy the moment.