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August 27 – Joan Sotkin – Prosperity from the Inside Out

August 24, 2017


Join Constance and her guest Joan Sotkin ( – Author and Prosperity & Mindset Mentor.   For the past 25 years Joan has helped entrepreneurs and practitioners learn how to use their inner resources and practical techniques to manifest prosperity.   You will learn 3 keys to prosperity, the 5 emotions that block your prosperity and how to rewire your brain for prosperity.   Additionally you will gain insight into how to improve your relationship with money and how to develop a prosperity mindset and manifest Prosperity.


August 19 – Subconscious Shifts

August 19, 2017


Join Constance as she shares The Power of the Subconscious and how to make 5 subconscious shifts for this week.   You will learn the power of manifesting from your BEING.   You will learn these subconscious shifts by:  Affirming your week with new truths and affirmations; how to live daily in the mantra and truth of “It’s My Time”; Releasing old relationships so that new people can come into your life and current intention; The Power of remembering your accomplishments and The Magnetic Pull of Expectation.

August 13 – Peter Adams – Law of Attraction Basics

August 9, 2017


Join Constance and her Guest – Peter D. Adams, Author of The VisualFestation System (How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams).   We are going back to the Basic principles of what the Law of Attraction is and how to use it.   You will learn 7 core principles about the Law of Attraction, the importance of getting clear about what you want, becoming clear about the WHY of your desires and the importance of re-writing your goals on a daily basis.   Additionally, Pete will share how to use creative visualization, scripting and practicing how to act as if your dreams were already manifested.


August 6 – Dr. Will Moreland – Building Wealth in This New Economy

August 4, 2017


Dr. Moreland

Join Constance and her special guest Dr. Will Moreland.  Dr. Moreland has written 40 books and is a 15 time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and Leadership Life Trainer.   He has interviewed 100 millionaires and will share universal principles of building wealth for you and your family.   You will gain a clear understanding of how to develop a wealth mindset and begin implementing practical action steps that will manifest wealth into your life.