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October 1 – Weight Release Inside Out

September 29, 2017


Join Constance as she teaches on how to experience permanent weight release from the Inside Out.   You will learn the power of healing your soul to manifest weight release, how to learn to enjoy the process as you are releasing weight and how to identify and replace any learned behavior that has held you back from your health and vitality.   Additionally Constance shares how to impact your subconscious with specific affirmations, images and thinking about your body, weight and health.   In part 2 of the program you will hear the story of how a listener in Washington State is using The Law of Attraction and manifesting her intentions.


September 24 – Justin Perry – Manifesting Your Dream Home

September 20, 2017


jperryJoin Constance and her special guest Mr. Justin Perry, Co-Founder of You Are Creators ( which is an internet based YouTube Channel with over 1 million subscribers.  Justin has over 300 videos in the areas of The Law of Attraction, Prosperity, Manifestation and the Metaphysical on his YouTube Channel.   Justin shares his story of how he went from working on an assembly line in Detroit to manifesting his Dream home with a Boat in Florida.   The universal principles that he shares will help you to manifest the home of your dreams.

September 17 – Dan Castro – Tapping into Unlimited Opportunities & Success

September 15, 2017


Join Constance and her guest – Dan Castro – Author of HIDDEN SOLUTIONS ALL AROUND YOU (Why Some People Can See Them and Some Can’t).    You will gain an understanding on how to Open up the Eye of your Brain and discover the unlimited options, opportunities and options that are all around you.    Also, you will learn how to have obsessed focus, belief and expectation and how the more ideas you have to solve problems, the more money you will earn.   Dan also shares how millionaires and successful entrepreneurs are experts at seeing and solving something new which produces solutions for others and wealth for themselves.   (

September 10 – Manifest in 100 Days

September 8, 2017


Join Constance as she shares how to Manifest your Number 1 Goal within the remaining 100 days of 2017.   You will learn how to Review, Refocus and Manifest.   Constance shares how to review and celebration your accomplishments, the Power of Clarity and how prioritizing your Number 1 Goal is the foundation for Manifestation before the end of 2017.   Additionally you will gain insight into how to refocus, rid your life of distractions and become lazer specific.   You will hear how successful people such as Will Smith, Bill Gates and Richard Branson declare that FOCUS and CLARITY are the keys to success.

September 3 – Mary Shores – Conscious Communications

September 1, 2017


Mary Shores is an Author, Speaker and CEO of a multi-million dollar business.   She is the Hay House author of CONSCIOUS OMMUNICATIONS Harness the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life”.  Tune in and learn  easy-to-follow, step-by-step practices to teach you how to launch yourself to the next level. You will gain insight into:  How to come into alignment with your dreams and intentions; Your brain neuroscience and words and how to discover the 3 pillars of transformation.   Additionally you gain insight into how to break through your barriers, set goals to inspire your brain and body to campaign for success and create your own customized action plan.