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December 31 – James Powers – Manifesting Success in 2018

December 29, 2017


Join Constance and her Mentor – James E. Powers as he shares how to reboot your life in 2018 and have extraordinary progress and success.   You will learn how to prepare for 2018 and restart, reboot and refresh your life.   You will also learn how to revisit the things that did not work, utilize the creation process in your mind, understand the power of getting clear about what you desire and begin acting as if your prayers are already answered.    Additionally you will receive clear steps on how to  deal with doubt and fear and take consistent action steps that align with your intentions.


December 24 – End 2017 with a Bang!

December 23, 2017


Join Constance as she shares how to end your 2017 with a BANG and get ready for 2018.   The show will featured a listener who has transformed her life from the inside out.   In the 2nd part of the show,  Constance will share 10 principles from featured guest in 2017 as reminders of how to begin creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.   You will be reminded about the power of intention and focus, how to live your life as if your prayers are already answered, how to create miracles, how to write it, see it and do it and how to invite the grace, power and ability of God into your life.

December 17 – Shonte Taylor – Forgiving, Forgetting and Resetting Your Brain

December 16, 2017


Join Constance and her special guest – Shonte J. Taylor – Neuroscientist, Author and Coach.   Shonte will be sharing about the impact of toxic unforgiveness in your brain, body and life.   You will learn how to reset your brain as you learn the principles of forgiveness, forgetting and how to begin creating a different story as you release the past and begin creating what you desire in 2018.


December 10 – Rev. John Adams – Secret of Multiplied Money

December 8, 2017

rev. john

Join Constance and her guest Rev. John Adams – Author of “The Secret of Multiplied Money and How to Have Unexpected Income.”   Rev. Adams has been a Unity Minister since 1964 and is the founder of Golden Key Ministry.   You will learn – How to create quantum prosperity, knowing God as your Source,  gratitude and money and the recipe for multiplying your money and manifesting unexpected income.