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February 25 – Will Harris – Passion, Purpose & Money

February 24, 2018

Will Harris

Join Constance and her guest Will Harris (Willpower Harris) as he shares how to find your passion, discover your purpose, serve others and manifest money.   Mr. Harris will share 4 principles to assist you in the process of discovering and living your passion and purpose.   Will is a Best selling-Author, Speaker and Humanitarian.   He was the featured Keynote Speaker to 1/2 million people in India.   (


February 18 – Dr. J. – Tapping into the Power Within

February 16, 2018

Jeremy Lopez

Join Constance and her special guest – Dr. J.   Dr. J is an Author, Dream and Life Coach and Law of Attraction Expert.   Dr. J. will share specific techniques for tapping into the power within you to begin creating your dreams in 2018.   He will also share specific Universal Laws and Techniques to align you with your dreams and begin manifesting your intentions.   (

February 11 – What’s Love Got To Do with It?

February 10, 2018


Join Constance as she celebrates LOVE during the month of February.   She will teach both Singles who are ready to attract their soulmate and married couples who want to bring more love back into their relationship.   First of all, if you are seeking to manifest your soulmate, you will learn how to position yourself for love, and how to make room for love.   You will gain an understanding of how to use  imagination, thoughts, words and inspired actions steps to call your LOVE into your life.    For married couples, you will learn the 5 love languages, the signs of an unhealthy marriage and how to bring love and passion back into your marriage.

February 4 – Raana Zia – Creating Your Desired Life

February 2, 2018


Join Constance for a 2-Part Show.  In Part 1 of the show you will hear a transformational story from a listener in Australia who shares how her life has changed in one year.    Part 2 of the show will feature Raana Zia, Author of Your Hidden Light – A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life.  You will gain insight in the fact that your inner world creates your outer world, how conscious and unconscious thinking shapes your world and the power of your speech.   Additionally you will learn the power of feelings and the 4-step process for creating your desires life.