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April 1 – Pete Adams – Creating Your Personal Success Blueprint

March 29, 2018


Join Constance and her guest Pete Adams – Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Law of Attraction Expert.   Pete will share how to begin creating your own personal success blueprint, the 5 steps for designing your personal success blueprint and his own personal story of how he created his own personal reality.   Additionally you will learn what to do when it looks like nothing is happening and how to remain consistent, persistent and have faith.   Pete will give listeners his free audio book and ebook of VisualFestation.




March 25 – Getting over a Breakup or Divorce and Moving On

March 23, 2018


Join Constance as she shares her vast experience in marriage and family therapy with listeners giving them specifics in how to begin moving on after a breakup or divorce.     You will learn how to begin “loving like you’ve never been hurt.”   Constance shares the 5 steps of the grieving process, specific steps to take after a breakup and how to begin to move smoothly through a divorce.   You will gain insight into how to stop blaming and start creating your happy ever after life.

March 18 – Elizabeth Blake Thomas – NEVER GIVE UP!

March 16, 2018


Join Constance and her special guest Elizabeth Blake Thomas who is an award winning Director and Writer in Hollywood.  She has been in the film industry for many years and will share the universal principles that she has used to begin creating and living the life of her dreams.    She will answer the “I don’t have enough money question” and share how to keep pursing  your dreams and stay determined when it looks like nothing is happening in your life.   Elizabeth just released her new book entitled Arabella which she will begin filming in the Fall of 2018.  (

March 11 – James Powers – Your Habits Create Your Life

March 9, 2018


Join Constance and her Mentor of 25 years – James E. Powers as they share The Power of Habits.  As you listen to this show, you will become empowered to change any habit that you are currently struggling with.   You will gain an understanding of the process of habit formation,  how to get rid of bad habits and understand the 3-step process of how habits are formed.   You will learn 7 principles that you can use to begin developing good habits that will help you create an awesome life.

March 4 – Keep moving towards your Dream

March 2, 2018


Tune in as Constance gives you steps that you can take in between setting your intention and your manifestation.   Are you feeling frustrated that your dreams have not manifested?   Help is here today.   You will learn simple daily steps that you can utilize to keep you motivated on your way to the manifestation of your dreams through creating new empowering beliefs, meditation, imagination and taking action steps.     Also, you will hear how The Think, Believe and Manifest Talk Show helped and inspired a listener get through breast cancer to healing.