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May 6 – Dimitra Tsantilis – Boost your Health with Vitamin Supplementation

April 25, 2018


Join Constance and her guest Dimitra Tsantilis – Writer, speaker and consultant for Healthy Living.   You will learn information on the difference in getting your nutrition from foods or supplements, the power of Vitamin C, how to effectively do a proper body cleanse and anti-aging techniques.   Also you will gain insight into raw, vegan or paleo eating and specific how to’s of overcoming the roadblocks for achieving optimal health.


April 29 – Elliott Katz – Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants

April 25, 2018


Join Constance and her special guest – Elliott Katz, Author – Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants:   Timeless wisdom on being a man.  Elliott will share with men how to show leadership, make decisions and take responsibility.   He will also share with women how they can encourage men to make decisions, learn to appreciate them and share with them situations where men can display leadership in the relationship..

April 22 – Greg Peck – Your Health is your Wealth

April 19, 2018


Join Constance and her guest – Mr. Greg Peck, Author and Fitness & Wellness Expert.   Greg is the author of “Exercise for the Mind, Body and Soul” and will focus on the mantra ‘Your Health is your Wealth.   He will share the benefits of exercise, weight loss, the power of the mind and cardio exercise and proper weight training.   He will also share about the benefits of a proper diet, mind control and developing a healthy lifestyle.



April 15 – Miachel Eccles – Going To Higher Ground in Your Life

April 13, 2018


Join Constance and her guest – Miachel Eccles, Author of Crashing Into Higher Ground (What I Learned From my Head-On Collision and What I Always Knew)   Miachel will share how in the midst of a tragic situation, she created miracles and used universal principles to manifest an amazing new life.   You will learn how to be present in this moment and be grateful, pay attention to the thoughts you allow in your head and how to set goals and live today as if tomorrow isn’t promised.    Additionally you will gain insight into how to trust in a higher power and  don’t expect for life to be fair, expect life to be what you make it.



April 8 – Noah St. John – Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money

April 6, 2018


Join Constance and her guest Noah St. John , Author of Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money.   You will learn the 3 big mistakes people make when it comes to money and how to identify your head trash and replace it with new beliefs around money.   You will also gain insight and connect how your habits impact your money.    Noah will be giving away his new book free to all listeners.    (