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May 27 – Sonia Jackson Myles – DreamWalking

May 27, 2018


Join Constance and her guest Sonia Jackson Myles, Author and Founder, CEO & President  of The Sister Accord.   She is the author of The Sister Accord”  51 Ways to LOVE Your Sister.   Sonia worked  as a high-level Director in Corporate America and managed over $20 Billion in Spend but was given a dream vision from God to create The Sister Accord.   She will share her powerful experience and give you essential steps to bring your dream to Life.   You will learn – DreamWalking – Take your dreams from your Heart, to your Head, To your Hands and To your Feet. and


May 20 – Joel Salomon – Mindful Money Management

May 17, 2018


Join Constance and her special guest – Joel Salomon, Author of the best selling book Mindful Money Management:   Memoirs of a Hedge Fund Manager.  Joel is  Prosperity Coach and will share from his 20 years of vast experience in financial stocks and investments.   You will learn how you can use your intuition to make money, how to act as if your financial goals have already been achieved and the role of happiness and gratitude in manifesting your financial plans.  You will also receive specific tips for understanding how to practice mindful money management.

May 13 – Secrets of the Rich and Successful

May 10, 2018


Join Constance as she shares Secrets of the Rich and Successful.   Success leaves clues and you will learn some of universal success laws that you can tap into.   You will learn how to create a bold, bad and highest vision for your life, how to pretend that you are already where you want to be and the connection between unforgiveness and debt.  You will also learn how to surround yourself with people who have a wealth mindset, receive wisdom for your next step and take massive action, identify the top 3 important intentions for your life and understand the 2 paths for manifestation – Spiritual and Action.