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July 15 – James E. Powers – Creating in your Mind First

July 13, 2018


Join Constance and her special Guest – James E. Powers as he shares The Power of First Creation in your mind.   You will learn about Mental equivalents, begin with the end in mind and how mental visualization is the most important creative skill you can develop.   Additionally you will learn how to create mental images and how to embody your desires and think them forth in images and designs into your life.   James will also share how to “Believe when you Pray and act like your prayers are already answered.”


July 8 – Jennifer Longmore – Heal your Money Story

July 6, 2018


Join Constance and her guest – Jennifer Longmore,  Author of “Heal Your Money Story.”  Jennifer went from $0 to $20 million in real estate assets.  You will learn that Money is Infinite, how to develop a relationship with money and how to identify and heal your money pain.   Jennifer will also share how to change a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset and create a money vision for your life.